Friday, October 18, 2013

Modgy Lumizu Review

I am here today to bring you a review of a fantastic product. I was lucky enough to get to opportunity to review another product from Modgy. This time, I got to review the Lumizu collapsible luminary.

I love candles, but there are two problems with them. They are a fire hazard in a house full of pets and (soon) children and the jars take up too much of the space we don't have to begin with. The Lumizu collapsible luminary solves both of those problems.

In each package, you receive 4 collapsible luminaries and 4 battery operated, water activated tealights. All you do is fill up the luminary which will open up as you fill, and drop a tealight in. There aren't any tabs to pull out or batteries to put in. It is all done for you. I do recommend that when you take them out at night (you need to in order to save battery), that you place them on a paper towel or somewhere else where water won't pool underneath. One of the batteries on mine died because it was still faintly running over night.

The pattern I received, Fall Upon Us, is perfect for Halloween. I can't wait to put these out on the porch when we pass out Halloween candy this year!

You can buy the Lumizu luminaries here for just $12.95 for 4 or check out the other great products made by Modgy here.

What products/designs are your favorite?

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