Friday, October 18, 2013

Parenthood Survival Box Review

I had the amazing opportunity to review the very first Parenthood Survival Box and I cannot wait to share it with you all! Let's get right in to the products.

Angel Dear Swaddle Blanket: This blanket is so light and breathable. You can swaddle your baby without worry about her overheating. It even comes with instructions for first time swaddlers.

Chill Baby Paci: How funny is that?! It's a pacifier with a "working" (it turns) volume dial because according to the information card, "No one likes a screaming baby, not even the screaming baby."

Parent's Night Out Notepad: I love Knock Knock products! Hubby and I recently got a Pro & Con notepad on clearance at Target and we love it. I love that this one is functional, while most of their products are silly. It has care instructions and spots for everything you can possibly think of for leaving with a sitter. I may not get much use out of this though, since I am the caregiver, not the caretaker.

Indestructible Book: I took one look at this and said, "Indestructible? No way!" What did I do? Immediately tried to rip it. I couldn't rip it, so I asked hubby to rip it. Nothing. It looks just like a normal book, as opposed to a board book, and is only photos which is great for allowing children to make up their own words to the story.

Baby Legs Leg Warmers: How stinkin' cute are these!? I love the ruffles and they seem like they can really stretch to cover a wide variety of sizes.

You can get your own Parenthood Survival box here for just $34.99 a month and you can choose boy, girl, or neutral.

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