Monday, January 26, 2015

Introducing Amie!

Hey y'all! My name is Amie! Im originally from Huntington Beach, California. I was raised in Palm Springs, California and in HB on the weekends. But now my home is the beautiful Netherlands. I have a two year old son whose biological father has never been around but an amazing boyfriend helping me raise him. He is a Dutch citizen born and raised and he is why we are here. We met online and fell in love hard and fast. we stayed in a long distance relationship for a year before meeting and another three month after before moving here.
This being said I have been a MilSO. I was previously married to a Marine at Twentynine Palms DMO. Obviously it didn't work. It's was an ugly mess and if you like to know more, I'll get into it as we go along. But the point is I understand the struggles and joys of living with a military member and the struggle of leaving/losing one. I know the heartbreak of infidelity and the joys of parenthood.
Let me just say it always gets better.
My life still will be a long struggle as we battle immigration, but I'm blessed to live in a beautiful and interesting new world with a wonderful family.
If you're curious, no I don't live in Amsterdam. I live in a provincial town called Nootdorp near Den Haag.
So that's me! My life has its ups and downs and I'm sure yours does, too. I hope we can learn from each other along the journey of this blog.

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