Monday, February 8, 2016

The Megan Marie's Weekly Amazon Favorites - Week of February 7th, 2016

Hey, everyone! It's me, The Megan Marie. I'm back again with my favorite products on Amazon for this week! Enjoy!!


9.8 ft Rope Lights - These lights are perfect for decorating. They are great to add to a wreath, put inside a mason jar, or whatever else you want to decorate with lights. They put off a lot of light and don't drain batteries. I have already bought a second set.

Cooking & Food

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Matcha Green Tea Powder - This is a great, versatile matcha tea. It can be mixed in to so many things, from ice cream to liquor. I love adding it to smoothies and it tastes great. I love this tea from Uvernal!

Pet Items

Stewart Pet Freeze Dried Liver Treats - These pure freeze dried liver treats from Stewart Pet are amazing! My dogs love them and I love that I know what's in them! The pieces are large and can be broken up easily if you have smaller dogs.

Health & Beauty

Moringa Oleifera Extract Pills - These are easy to swallow and don't have any kind of aftertaste. Unfortunately, it's too soon to see a difference, so I will have to update this review with any long term effects.

Easy@Home Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - This is a great, accurate blood pressure monitor. It's super easy to read, so if you have poor eyesight, you won't have a problem.

The best part about this monitor is that the backlight changes colors depending on how high your blood pressure is. That's a great extra feature for those with poor eyesight or that need an extra way to tell that their blood pressure is high. It provides a visual cue that your blood pressure is too high without having to remember the numbers that indicate the different levels of high blood pressure.

Bonapiel Vitamin C Serum - This is a wonderful, moisturizing Vitamin C Serum. The bottle is gorgeous. I am already seeing a noticeable change in my skin and I look forward to seeing the long term effects of using this.


Aleratec Tablet Mount - This is super easy to mount and very secure! I use it in my kitchen to hold my tablet while reading a recipe or to watch TV while cooking. This is a great product and I am so happy I bought this.

Broke due to someone in my house messing with it (at no fault to the company) and I loved it so much I bought another one already!

HealthyWiser pH Meter - This is a great meter that is very handy for managing my aquariums. I love that you don't have to buy strips all the time and there's no more guessing which color the strip is closer to! I wish I had this sooner because this has really made my life easier!

iClever 3-Port Charger - This is great for traveling. You don't need to have 3 different outlets to charge 3 different devices. Anyone who stays in hotels knows how few outlets there are in the average hotel room, so this definitely comes in handy. It is very high quality and I can tell this will last me many trips to come!


Bossywear Wrist Wraps - These wrist straps are awesome! The colors are super vibrant and the wraps are extremely high quality. I get compliments while wearing them and they help prevent injury! What could be better?

SteadyDoggie Stainless Steel Water Bottle - I am putting this in fitness because I use it for working out. I love this bottle so much. It holds the temperature for a very long time and the interchangeable lids are great. I really prefer to use the straw and I find that it works perfectly for me.


Car Garbage Can - First of all, let me start by saying this is HUGE! The lining is great and protects the car from anything that may spill inside of the bag. The metal pieces at the top help to hold the bag open so you're not fighting trying to get it open to throw out your garbage. This is a great garbage can and I definitely recommend it.

Safe Kids Mosquito Repellent Slap Bracelet - I can't speak to the efficacy of the repellent as there are no mosquitoes right now, however I can talk about the quality of the bracelet itself. The bracelet is high quality and durable and slaps on very easily. The bracelet does attract a bit of dirt, so just be aware of that. That wasn't an issue for me though, it just rinsed right off.

Disclosure: I received some of these products for free or discounted in exchange for my honest review and demonstration. I would never positively review anything I didn't genuinely like. I was not sponsored to make this post unless otherwise stated. This post may contain affiliate links.

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