Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Megan Marie's Weekly Amazon Favorites - Week of February 21st, 2016

Hey, everyone! It's me, The Megan Marie. Check out these great products available on Amazon now!

Food & Kitchen

LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press - This is a great, thick double wall French Press from LINKYO! I was very surprised at the quality when this came in the mail. It holds a lot of liquid (one liter) and keeps it warm so nothing goes to waste. It was very easy to use and I love the inclusion of the extra filters.

Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer - This works so much better than the various handheld spiralizers I have tried! I never knew what I was missing using those until I received this spiralizer from Brieftons! I love using this to make healthy, gluten free "pasta" for my husband. This is super easy to use and everything comes out perfectly cut!

Willow and Everett Pour Over Coffee Maker - This is a wonderful coffee maker. Coffee comes out tasting great and fresh. The best about this is no more paper filters which means less trash going into landfills and less cost over time because you don't have to keep buying coffee filters over and over. No more worrying about running out of filters because this is all you need!

This is especially great for those in dorm rooms that can't have traditional coffee makers but still value a great cup of coffee. All you do is pour boiling water over your grounds and you have a fresh brewed cup of coffee!

TaZa! Pop the Top Bottle Opener - This is a fun little gadget to open your bottles. It's very easy to use with a very minimal failure percentage (any failures I have experienced are human error).

This is also perfect for people with arthritis. My grandparents love IBC root beer (the ones that come in the glass bottle), but they have trouble opening them. After trying this product for myself, I will be buying them one so they can enjoy their root beer again!

Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker - I absolutely love Mason Jars, so I was super excited to find this cold brew coffee maker made out of a Ball Mason Jar! This works wonderfully and coffee comes out of it tasting amazing. I love using this to make coffee drinks because adding warm coffee to cold ingredients can sometimes result in hot/cold patches when not mixed well enough or it can lead to a not-so-cold coffee drink. This would also be perfect to take camping to ensure that you don't go without your coffee fix!

Health & Beauty

ExfoliMATE Magic Body Cloth - This body cloth is made out of a gently exfoliating loofah-like material and it feels great to use in the shower! It helps you reach and exfoliate formerly difficult to reach areas of your body! I have already purchased a second one for my frequent trips to visit family.

NANIGA Ice Bag - This is a wonderful ice bag that can be used for hot or cold, which I love. I mostly use this on my sore knee and it has really helped soothe it. The design is great and the bag is awesome quality and doesn't leak! I will be buying a second so I can ice my knee and my ankle at the same time.

Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser - This is a wonderful counter top water flosser. The different pressure settings are great and you are sure to find a pressure that works for you! It has a generous 600 mL tank which means you don't have to refill it after every use (assuming you don't need to have warm water). It doesn't take up much room and can be left on the counter until your next use. Make sure you use warm water if you have any kind of sensitivity like I do or you will regret it! Nothing hurts quite like a concentrated stream of cold water shot directly at your sensitive teeth. Take my word for it and use warm water! This water flosser actually makes me want to floss and I notice an improvement in my teeth and gums already!


Velosight Decals - These are wonderful reflective decals for your bicycle. They help me feel more confident when biking at night. They provide great visibility to cars passing by and ensure that they will know you're there!

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball - This is honestly the best exercise ball I have ever owned or used. It is great quality and I feel confident that this will not break during use. The color is gorgeous and vibrant and I love the wide variety of sizes and colors this ball is available in.


iClever Boostcube 4-Port Wall Charger - This is the perfect wall charger for traveling! With just one outlet, you can charge 4 devices! I don't notice any decrease in charging speed when compared to a single port wall charger. I am definitely impressed and this is now a must have in my suitcase whenever I travel.

Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern - I am a huge fan of Bright Outdoors' products and this solar lantern definitely did not disappoint. I look forward to using this while camping this summer. I love the inclusion of the power bank which can hold enough power to make emergency calls or get directions if you are lost. It collapses very nicely and is easy to pack. I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes camping or hiking! We definitely won't be going camping without it!


Akeekah Baby Bandana Bibs - These are amazing quality gender neutral baby bandana bibs! They are super absorbent and soft and look great on both boys and girls. My favorite is the painted chevron. I think it is super unique and is definitely what drew me to this pack of bibs.

Akeekah Pacifier Clip 4-Pack - These are adorable, high-quality pacifier clips from Akeekah! I love that there are two designs, one on each side, and that there is a wide variety of colors in this 4-pack. There is no way baby will pull these off, so you can be sure that their pacifier will stay close at hand whenever baby needs it most! This is an amazing value for your money and you won't regret purchasing these pacifier clips!

Turtles Pacifier Clips - These pacifier clips have great 2 sided designs. I love all of the designs and the fact that they are unisex. The clips work well and can't be easily pulled off by baby. These work with almost any kind of pacifier as you only need one hole to slip it through. If you don't have a handle on your pacifier, it will still work as long and there's a hole you can thread the string through.

The pacifier case is a great bonus and has come in really handy.

My only complaint is the HUGE sewn on tag on the clip end of the pacifier clip. I wish it would be smaller or somewhere else, possibly engraved on the metal clip. It takes away from the cuteness of the clip.


(No photo available on Amazon.)

Simlu Crop Top Lace Bra - I love wearing this bra from Simlu under my pajamas at night for a little extra support. It's super comfortable to lounge around in! I chose white because a lot of my pajamas are white and it works perfectly without being super visible under my shirts.


Meterteck Digital Multimeter - This multimeter is easy to use, works well, and provides accurate readings. Comes with a second set of leads and a battery which was a great bonus. I love that it comes with a 1-year warranty because it feels a bit flimsy and I worry about dropping it and it breaking. This is definitely worth the price for light use, but if your job requires you to use it daily or for more heavy use, I would buy something a bit more sturdy.


Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers - These chalk markers provide a nice, bold, vibrant color and are easy to work with. These write so much better than standard chalk. The perfect amount of liquid comes out when writing. There are no empty spaces where liquid wasn't on the tip and there are no drips which would indicate too much liquid. They stay on strong and erase easily when it comes time to do so. I love the reversible tips which allow bold or fine lines. The extra tips are great to have on hand in case a tip dulls over time, but I haven't noticed any dulling on any of my tips so far.


SefCard RFID Blocking Sleeves - These are great looking RFID blocking sleeves. I feel confident that my identity will be safe thanks to these. They do get a bit beat up with more frequently used cards due to removing them so often, but they are cheap enough to repurchase as they wear out. I especially recommend these for frequent travelers like myself to help protect your identity while traveling.

Disclosure: I received some of these products for free or discounted in exchange for my honest review and demonstration. I would never positively review anything I didn't genuinely like. I was not sponsored to make this post unless otherwise stated. This post may contain affiliate links.

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