Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Megan Marie's Weekly Amazon Favorites - Week of February 28th, 2016

Hey, everyone! It's me, The Megan Marie. I'm here with my favorite products on Amazon for this week! Enjoy!!

Baby & Kids

Bambini & Me Teething Necklace Set - I love both of the necklaces in this set! They both look great and work even better. The amber teething necklace helps reduce pain just by baby wearing it and if they get some extra pain, they can just chew on yours to relieve it. The necklace for mom is vibrant and looks great with so many outfits. This set comes in a nice box that is great for gifting to a new mom. I think it would be a perfect baby shower gift!

PottyCover - I'm sure you all have been in a public restroom that just grossed you out, but you had no choice to use it. In such a situtation, especially for your little ones, PottyCover is the solution for you! These toilet seat covers come individually packaged so they are great to toss in your purse or diaper bag. They add extra protection on the front and sides of the toilet for extra germ protection. I always keep one in my purse for me because you never know when you're going to have to use THAT public restroom.

Tidey Ridey Window Shades - These window shades fit our back windows perfectly and are easy to take off when you have adult passengers in the back seat that don't want the shades up. They are simple to put up and don't fall off during use.

Bambini & Me Teething Necklace - This is a wonderful, great quality teething necklace. The color is vibrant and looks great with so many outfits. The necklace is the perfect color for spring which is coming up soon! The "beads" are soft enough to not hurt, but firm enough to it ease baby's painful gums. This would make a great gift for a baby shower!


PetNov Grooming Brush Glove - My puppy is rambunctious and it's hard to get him to stay still to be brushed. With this grooming glove, he just thinks he's being petted so he actually stays still. I was able to get his loose fur out without a fight thanks to this glove!

BoomerzBest Park Pack - This is a great set to take to the park or on a walk. I really like the hands-free leash and the inclusion of the Greenies, which are my dog's favorite treats. The hands-free leash works great for my small dogs and is very handy, especially for walks to the mailbox where I may have to pick up packages.

I do wish that this pack came in different sizes so you could get a collar that fits your dog. It does seem a bit odd that it comes with petite Greenies and a collar for a dog the size of a Rottweiler. I would much prefer if there were multiple pack options with varying corresponding collar and treat sizes.

Food & Kitchen

Masala Green Chai Tea - This tea is absolutely delicious! It is loose leaf and you will need an infuser, so please be aware of that. This is my first time having Chai tea, so I wasn't sure if I would like it when I purchased it. From the second I opened the bag, I knew it was the tea for me. It smells great, and tastes even better! It is nice and strong, but not too strong and you can vary the strength by adding more or less tea to your infuser.

Purifyou Glass Water Bottle - Let me start by saying this bottle is gorgeous! I have been wanting a glass bottle for a long time, so I was very happy to find this bottle from Purifyou. This holds the perfect amount of liquid, not too much and not too little. The silicone adds great drop protection, added grip, and insulation. I love that you can put hot or cold drinks in this bottle, which you just can't do with plastic bottles. I also love that if I accidentally forget this in the car during the summer, I don't have to worry about any chemicals getting into my water.

Live Infinitely 32 Ounce Infuser Bottle - This is a great, huge water bottle that is very high-quality. The infuser tube is very large and can hold a lot of fruit. I love that, unlike a lot of infuser bottles I have tried, this bottle is dishwasher safe. It makes clean up super quick and easy. I love the flip top and grip on the bottle. The color of the bottle is vibrant and beautiful.

Sports & Fitness

SteadyDoggie Golf Club Covers - These fit wonderfully, look great, and protect your clubs from damage! They don't come off thanks to the velcro that holds them on. The tees are a great bonus. This would make an awesome gift for the golf lover in your life!

Vetra Soft Touch Volleyball - Please note that this comes deflated, so you will need a pump in order to use it. We had a pump, so this was not a problem. This volleyball is quite soft and does not hurt in the slightest when hit. The colors are easy to spot whether you're playing in the yard or on the beach. This is a great quality ball at a very affordable price!

Vetra Sport Socks - These are nice, long socks that are great for soccer, running, volleyball, and more! They fit great with enough stretch for shin guards, ankle braces, or anything else you may need to wear underneath the sock. The color has not faded and the sock has not shrunk through multiple washes. They are warm, yet breathable. I definitely recommend these socks.


Patch-Up First Aid Kit - I am amazed at just how much is in this compact first aid kit! It folds open to reveal four zippered pockets and some open pockets for things like scissors and tweezers. The case itself is great quality and will be able to withstand a lot of use. It comes with everything you need for minor emergencies and is great to keep in the car!


Slimmin' Suzie Detoxifying Clay Body Wrap - These wraps are great and very easy to apply. I have been using it on my arms and it seems to be helping tighten the skin on my arms. I love using this during my spa nights to add that extra little bit of luxury. The mud comes off easily once your wrap is done and doesn't stain clothes if you accidentally get it on your clothes (although I wouldn't risk it on anything white or super expensive). I just wear a black tank top and toss it in the wash right after and it comes out good as new. These are definitely worth the price and you can't go wrong with these wraps from Slimmin' Suzie.

Sela Beauty Ultrasonic Steam Hair Straightener - This is a wonderful straightener that straightens my hair in a fraction of the time it takes with other straighteners. The steam function works great and helps tame me ends which always look crazy when straightening my hair. You don't have to use the steam feature if you don't want to. I wish the tank was a little bigger, but it's not a huge issue. Make sure, as with any straightener, that you use a heat protectant. My hair truly looks amazing after using this straightener and it doesn't feel damaged like it usually does. I definitely recommend.

Cellulite MD - Bathing suit season is fast approaching here in sunny Arizona and I needed to get rid of the cellulite on my arms and legs. Enter Cellulite MD. I was so happy to find this product. It has so many wonderful ingredients and proposed benefits like firming and toning skin, reducing fluid and fat storage, and improving skin elasticity. Since I began using this cream, I have noticed and amazing change in my skin, especially on the backs of my legs. I am amazed at the difference it has made in the short time I have been using it and I look forward to the long term effects of this product.

NeoCell Derma Matrix - I just discovered wrinkles under my eyes and I knew I had to fix that as soon as physically possible. I can't wrinkle! I'm only 22. I jumped on the chance to try out this product and have been adding it to my daily smoothie. I don't taste any difference in my smoothie since adding this to it. I am already seeing a decrease in my wrinkles already, but results may have been fast because I just barely started to get wrinkles. I can no longer live without this product! It will be in my morning smoothie for the foreseeable future.


RY 50-Foot Expandable Water Hose - This is the solution we needed for our front yard. We don't have much room to store a garden hose up front and this collapses small for easy storage in our small space. It comes with some awesome bonus items too! This is an exceptional value for the price you pay and I know you won't regret purchasing this!


Tidey Ridey Backseat Organizer - This is a great back seat organizer to keep everything in your car organized and easily accessible. This would be great for kids so they can have all their toys and drinks within reach. We personally use it behind our backseat (as opposed to behind the front seats and accessible by the backseat passengers) to help organize our first aid kit, emergency items, and other items in our trunk area.

Norskwall Slatwall - This is fairly easy to assemble, but make sure you find studs to ensure that this and everything you put on it will stay up. This has been great for organizing our outdoor storage and keeping things like our rake, broom, and shovel off the ground thus freeing up floor space in our storage room. It is wonderful quality and I highly recommend this. You definitely can't go wrong with the Norskwall for organizing your garage or storage area.

I received some of these products for free or discounted in exchange for my honest review and demonstration. I would never positively review anything I didn't genuinely like. I was not sponsored to make this post unless otherwise stated. This post may contain affiliate links.

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