Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Megan Marie's Weekly Amazon Favorites - Week of March 13th, 2016

Hey, everyone! It's me, The Megan Marie. These are some of my favorite products on Amazon for the past two weeks! I have been super busy preparing for an event I am hosting, so I haven't been doing as many reviews. I decided to combine two smaller posts in to one larger one. Enjoy!!


MARSEE Bluetooth Speaker - I was amazed at the quality when I pulled this speaker out of the box! It is heavy and feels very durable. I couldn't wait to try it out! I paired it to my phone right away. The pairing was simple and worked without any issues. The sound is loud and great quality without any garbling on high-bass songs. The attached power bank is wonderful and helps ensure that your phone stays charged while you listen to music. I love the power meter on the bottom to help you know how much charge it has left.

1byone Bluetooth Headphones - The sound quality out of these headphones is great! They are comparable to much more expensive headphones. They are easy to pair and I haven't experienced any connectivity issues. It has a nice battery life and I haven't had them die on me yet. I wear them to the gym and charge when I get home, and they have been perfect for that. I love not having a cord getting in the way while I am working out! These headphones are a great value and I definitely recommend them!

Suaoki Solar Light - This is a nice small, yet powerful solar powered LED light. The light can get very bright and I love that you can also charge it by USB. I see myself charging this via the solar feature when camping, but charging it by USB for at home use in case of a power outage. I love how small this thing is. It fits comfortably in your hand which is great because it doesn't take up a lot of space while you're camping. This is a very affordable light and it is worth every penny.


DanceCrazy Massage Stick DVD - I just got a massage stick and I honestly knew nothing about it. I decided to get this DVD and I'm so glad I did. It's super informative and helps me know exactly how to use my new massage stick without hurting myself.

Live Infinitely Loop Resistance Bands - These resistance bands fold compactly and are great for traveling or tossing in your gym bag. There is a wide variety of workouts you can do with these bands. I love using this for bicep workouts the most. I love that they come in a variety of resistance levels and are clearly labeled right on the band. No more trying to memorize what color is what level. Having them labeled takes the guess work out of working out! The bands are nice and thick and don't hurt your wrists or ankles unlike others I have tried. This is a must have for your home workouts!

EatSmart Extra Wide Digital Scale - This scale looks very nice in the bathroom and is made of high-quality stainless steel. I love that it beeps when the reading is done, letting you know when you can step off if you can't see the screen (like if you're pregnant or weighing a dog). I am amazed at the 550 pound weight capacity on this scale. I've never seen a scale that could read higher than 350, so I am very impressed. The extra wide platform is easy to stand on and doesn't cause the scale to take up that much extra space when stored. I am definitely impressed with this scale and I highly recommend it to everyone.


Liname Pacifier Clips - These are adorable, high-quality pacifier clips. The clips stay on securely and can't be pulled off easily. I love that they can be used with any pacifier. This makes it a great baby shower gift for someone who is expecting a little girl. No matter what pacifier their baby ends up taking, this clip will work for it. There are so many gender neutral pacifier clips out there, which is great, but sometimes you just want something super cute specifically for girls. I love the plastic clips because they won't rust unlike the metal ones.

Stuff4Tots Crib Mattress Cover - This is a great quality crib mattress pad. It provides nice padding and added comfort without compromising safety. It is nice and breathable so if baby decides to flip over in the middle of the night, it shouldn't hurt them. It fits great and stays on securely without bunching up and causing a safety risk. It is great quality and washes well without shrinking at all. This is the perfect crib mattress pad at a great price and would make a great baby shower gift!

Toys & Games

Original Alias Board Game - I have a Traumatic Brain Injury and I am always looking for new ways to help improve my brain. Because of my limitations, we did not play this game as intended and did not use a timer. We took as long on each card as I needed to come to the correct answer. We took turns doing the guessing and doing the describing. It was a really fun way to help me improve my word finding skills as it helped me come up with multiple words to describe one word. We laughed the whole time we played this game and this has quickly become a favorite of ours.

Food & Kitchen

Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea - This Darjeeling tea is absolutely delicious! This smelled amazing the second I opened the bag, and I couldn't wait to drink it. It tastes great with honey and I love that it is rich in antioxidants and minerals. I am very picky with my teas and this tea not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I think this is well worth the price and I will be repurchasing as soon as this bag is gone.


Egoz Mummy Sleeping Bag - This is a great sleeping bag that keeps you nice and cozy all night. It is nice and snug, which I like since I like to sleep with my blankets tucked in. Having the "hood' is great, because the first thing to get cold is always my ears. It helps to keep my ears nice and warm and I don't have to fight to keep a hat or headband on while I sleep. I wouldn't use this on a super cold winter night, but this works great for what we need it for! This is my first experience with a mummy sleeping bag and I am so impressed!


Woobamboo Pet Toothbrush - This pet toothbrush works wonderfully and is made of great quality materials. My dog doesn't seem to mind me using this on him and I don't think it's hurting him in the slightest. It is comfortable for the owner to hold and use. This is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to traditional pet toothbrushes. I will definitely be buying more for my other dogs. 

I received some of these products for free or discounted in exchange for my honest review and demonstration. I would never positively review anything I didn't genuinely like. I was not sponsored to make this post unless otherwise stated. This post may contain affiliate links.

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