Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Ways to Save on Gas

We are going to be traveling for a retreat next weekend, so I wanted to talk about ways to save money on gas. Gas, just like everything else, can get expensive in a tourist city. Why spend money on gas when we can spend it on events, food, or whatever else you would like to do while traveling? Here are 5 ways to save at the pump so you can spend that extra money elsewhere!

5 Ways to Save at the Pump


Find the cheapest gas in your area. Submit current gas prices for a chance to win free gas! To save even more, use the map view instead of the list view to choose a gas station that is already along your path. There's no point in saving a few cents if you drive 2 miles out of your way just to save money.

Join the Fuel Rewards program to save 25¢/gal on your second fill-up at participating Shell stations and save at least 3¢/gal instantly on every fill-up! Please note that you do not have to link a card when it prompts you to during sign-up. Just scroll down and click skip. However, linking a card helps you earn more rewards, so if you are comfortable adding it, you have the potential to save more on gas.

Grocery Store Fuel Programs

Check to see if your local grocery store has any fuel savings programs such as the FuelPerks programs at various grocery stores and the Fuel Program at Kroger affiliates. Save money on gas just for buying groceries!

Drive Smart

Excessive acceleration and overly high speeds can all increase your fuel consumption which means more trips to the pump to spend even more of your hard earned money. Not to mention excessive acceleration and braking can wear down your tires causing them to need replaced sooner. High speeds are not only dangerous, but could cost you hundreds in speeding tickets. Drive smart and save money!

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Use sites like Raise and GiftCardGranny to get discounted gift cards for gas stations. Combine the discounted gift cards with the other tips above to save even more! Sign up for Raise with code mevans12 to save $5 on your first purchase.

Question of the Day:
What ways do you save on gas?

* There is an app available.

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